Paying for PAP Equipment and Services

Payment in full is expected for all equipment received and services provided. Because insurance coverage of PAP equipment, supplies and services is considered a durable medical equipment benefit, and because there is often a mix of rental and purchased items, determining how much payment is due from a patient at the time equipment or services are provided can be difficult. The billing specialists at Ultreia Health, P.A. will assist you in gathering information that is needed to obtain any pre-authorization that your insurance carrier may require prior to receiving PAP equipment, supplies, or services, and will also use information provided by your insurance carrier to determine your financial responsibility at the time services and equipment are provided. However, it is your responsibility to understand your insurance benefits and what amounts your insurance will cover for services that are provided.

My PAP Equipment Charges

An individual’s insurance will be billed for equipment received, and services provided, though co-pays, and any anticipated patient financial responsibility for equipment, supplies, and services are expected at the time of equipment set up or visit. Typically, PAP machines and humidifiers are rented, though under some circumstances ie. obtaining a replacement device, the machine may be purchased without a rental period. PAP supplies (ie. masks, tubing, filters) are purchased and are not rented. If claims are submitted to insurance carriers for equipment and covered services, you will receive a statement for the balance that remains after payment by your insurance carrier has been made. The statement that you receive from Ultreia Health will itemize the allowable charges that are to be paid by you, and will document what portion of the fees your insurance carrier has paid for the equipment and supplies, and any services that have been provided. The patient balance is considered payable upon receipt, unless other arrangements are made. If you have questions concerning the amount that your insurance carrier paid for services rendered, you will need to contact your insurance carrier directly. Out-of-pocket expenses will vary with insurance plans and can be affected by co-pays and the amount of deductible that you may have already met.

Paying My Bill

Various payment methods are available, including cash, check, and credit card. The practice’s billing department is available to handle insurance issues, and to answer questions that may arise regarding coverage of, or payment for, equipment, supplies, and services rendered. Special arrangements for payment can be made on an individual basis as needed. If you are paying for services personally (out-of-pocket, without insurance), payment is expected at the time of service unless arrangements are made prior to service.

If you do not pay your bill, you will be contacted to make payment arrangements. If payment arrangements are not made, your account will be turned over to a collection agency, (which could have an adverse affect on your credit rating), and you will not be able to receive additional equipment, supplies, or services until the outstanding balance is paid. Be aware that interest will be charged on all past due balances. Legal action may also be taken to collect delinquent balances, and once this step is taken, a patient will no longer be able to receive any equipment or services from Ultreia Health, P.A.